Lignieres 28th September

Tracking down results from Lignieres is a tricky business and even when I have found a dubious link for some reason I only get percentages not scores!  As far as I can gather Falco is in the lead in the CCI 2 star on a 36 which is pretty damn flash…. although Falco is pretty damn flash so I am glad that the French agree with us!  Mr Cin Cin looks as though he has stepped up to the challenge of his first international and looks to be lying 3rd in the CIC 1 star although I have no idea of the score and either Hester goes on Friday or she has disappeared without trace along with half of the rest of the 1 star field.

Lignieres is a delightfully laid back and old fashioned venue.  I am assuming there is sunshine and lots of wine and a lovely time is being had by all.