Lignieres 1st October.

Pretty simple heading.. Thank God for Hester!  The girl came good and left the boys firmly in her wake as she stepped up and went out and blitzed the cross country at her first international to come home clear in time and move up to 6th ( and salvage Tim’s young horse reputation at the same time!).

We often talk about how horses have a leveling effect… well I think Tim had enough of that last year and after a pretty good run this season with FEI wins at 2 and 3 star let alone top 5 at a couple of 4 stars  it was a bit of a shock to lose Mr Cin Cin and Falco from the leaderboard… and then of course its a grey mare who does the comeback call. ( Yep, that’s a nod to Ascona M and Faerie Dianimo!)

Huge congrats to Lucy Nelson, she must be very proud.  Tim is now hurtling back through France as I write in an attempt to get the truck back before 4 am for Jonelle to leave for Little Downham ( its so far North its virtually off the map) tomorrow and have her gear back to her. Then when the truck returns from Little Downham its due to head out to Boekelo tomorrow night with Cekatinka!

This is why we use the hashtag #SleepinNovember……