Le Pin au Haras ( Saturday)

Le Pin au Haras ( Saturday)

A day where it has to be said Jonelle was simply on fire.  She and Faerie Magnifico ( George) breezed around the 2*L cross country clear in time to retain their 3rd place, just 1.1 off the lead.  Hopefully George will have a little bit more of a sense of duty tomorrow than at Cholmondeley where he casually booted out 4 fences and be a podium star again.  I suspect he is a little bit like his half sister, Faerie Dianimo, and only rises to the big occasion!

Curly Girl jumped clear in the 3*S showjumping to move up to 6th spot from 11th and Curly started quite the run of fences all left in place which is seriously encouraging as the fences have bnever been a problem but the cross cantering has…and today the penny dropped and Curly is reaping the benefits.

Then in the huge 4*S /Nations Cup class when rails felt a plenty and the leaderboard changed regularly Jonelle simply smashed it with 3 clear rounds on Grovine de Reve ( Reve), Grappa Nera ( Grape) and McClaren ( Mac).   The usual French celebratory music only played for Reve as the other two picked up a tiny few time faults but they all jumped their socks off. Reve looked amazing, Grape looked calm and rideable and Mac lost his time in the air as he sailed above the wings repeatedly. This has elevated Mac into 6th and Reve has shot up from 39th to 17th. Grape has risen from 41st  to 23rd and as Michi Jung and Chipmunk copped a couple of rails its a much more open completion now that the 19 dressage has turned into a 27.

Tim had a great round XC on Happy Boy to be clear under time and he now lies in the dangerous runner up slot  just 0.7 behind the French leader in the CI3*L class. Happy picked up a few penalties at Cholmondeley’s tough coffin on his last run and subsequently found himself at Rosamund Farm the next day as an extra to the planned horses owners and xc schooling day with Captain Mark Phillips.  Tim jumped numerous waters and allot of coffins ( including a coffin that stopped some 5* horses as it was so ugly!) and told me at the end of it that “Happy is now perfectly prepped for Le Pin”.  How right he was and I so admire him for it!

The (slightly!) surprise star for Tim in the CI4*S showjumping was Spartaco ( Sparty). We simply expect Wesko ( Dash) to smash out the expected clear every time but today he had 2 fences in a row which I have never seen before.  Tim was pretty sanguine about it saying ” I was a bit quick around the turn from the treble and we just lost our balance slightly, I had too much focus on the clock and it was a rusty mistake from both of us” and then added that since there is no meaningful prize money its more of an exercise in preparing for Pau 5 star than a targeted ‘win at all costs’ event for Dash.

Sparty has always promised so much and he jumped a super clear today that showed his potential for the future. He is a dude of a horse and he really showed off today what he is capable of.. and then casually hacked back to the stables in “sleep” mode as he is the furthest thing possible from a drama queen which I am sure the crew out there are so happy about!

NZL-Tim Price rides Happy Boy during the Cross Country for the CCI3*-L7YO. 2019 FRA-Mondial du Lion – FEI World Breeding Championships. Le Lion d’Angers. France. Saturday 19 October. Copyright Photo: Libby Law Photography