Le Pin au Haras, 2*L SJ and 4*S XC

Le Pin au Haras, 2*L SJ and 4*S XC

Another day in eventing paradise for the crew today as yet another perfect day dawned with blue skies and the backdrop of the chateau defining Le Pin as absolutely the ultimate French event.  Jonelle was hugely complimentary about both the venue and the OC today and said they simply “couldn’t do enough for us to make everything work as well as possible” and reiterated that it is one of Team Price’s favourite events of the summer.

Tim had a brilliant end to his week…it was very nearly a spectacular end but finishing up just 0.5 off the lead in the 2*L in Jarillo’s ( Milo’s) first international is pretty special. Milo show jumped today to just add 0.4 with a time fault but that would have meant he lost by 0.1 instead of 0.5 so really made no difference!  Adding just 0.4 to your dressage score of nearly 72% is ticking all the boxes for a young horse just starting out on his journey.  Milo may have all the bling with his looks and striking white socks but when you back that up with true ability it is a classy combination. Tim describes him as having been ” a little gun all week”!

Happy Boy has found France a happy hunting ground and Tim was rueing his couple of time faults that left him 0.7 adrift of Gwendolin Fer for the runner up slot.  As he said, “ultimately it is a balancing act between educating a young horse around a big track and trying to be as competitive as possible”. He said he thought he should be just on for time but he was thrilled with the way that Happy performed all week.

Killbunny Andy also stepped up to the job with a fluent clear cross country which made it three good phases for him over the week.  Jonelle said that the rail yesterday was a bit “unfortunate” as she was looking after the front rail and was a bit surprised when the back rail got clipped. He was very bold and honest today and impressed Jonelle and is marking his card as one for the future.

Grappa Nera (Grape) is a bit of a cross country machine and I was surprised to see that she had a 20 late on in the course.  Jonelle made it very clear that it was totally her fault and not Grape’s, “Three from home, last water and I rode like an absolute muppet” was her quote and it was clear it is going to rankle for a while!  “I never go against my instincts, I don’t know what possessed me to make such a mistake like that as I NEVER make those sorts of errors but I did today”.  Nothing if not blindingly honest is our Jonelle and it is one of the most endearing traits she has.

In the Nations Cup New Zealand slipped to fourth spot after XC….by 0.1!  good work by Tayla Mason to go clear in time on her own and her families Centennial ( Chase) which was a massive effort and well ridden.  Best of all it means Tayla is now qualified for Pau 5 star so a huge congrats to her…she is fun, hardworking, brave and a huge member of the team so we are really happy for her.  Counting Grape’s 20 and Hollie Swain’s time faults meant no podium finish there either so I guess we will just save it for the worlds next year.