Le Pin au Haras

Le Pin au Haras

Friday dawned with crystal clear blue skies and another hot day in store.  Tim and Happy Boy did a beautiful test in sweltering temps proving yet again that Happy loves France!  The overall way of going is of an uphill balance and just a couple of little errors kept them out of the low 20’s.  They sit on 28.7, just o.1 off Falco’s score which is impressive for a young gun.

Grappa Nera (Grape) is jet black like Happy but she sparkled in the sunshine and it really doesnt seem to bother her.  She produced her best test to date and she too has an uphill way of going with plenty of expression. An unusual mistake in the right canter half pass (where she did a nice flying change to the left) was one of a couple of errors but it was a far cry form her tension filled test at Kentucky which was her last big outing and Jonelle was delighted with her attitude.

Hiarado (Jools) did her 3*S test and a couple of rookie mistakes like trying to throw a flying change in the simple changes bode well for the future!  Its very much a new partnership but you wouldn’t think so to watch them together.

Results and start lists here: (under Le Grand Complet)


Abel and Otis continue to relish their swimming pool and as sweaty occupants of the dusty lorry park pass by you can see the gleam of envy in their eyes.  Despite the attractions on offer their favourite place to play is a kind of slag heap of dusty sand, dried earth and pebbles dumped as a backdrop to the jog strip (I did say it was a construction site) which is bordered on one side of the steep slopes with chunks of concrete decorated with rusty steel rods that end around eye height for Abel and jugular vein for Otis. It’s not the most relaxing of jobs being on point there but the satisfying part is watching the French parents pass by with mild horror pasted on their faces.  Quelle satisfaction!