Le Lion d'Angers Show Jumping.

Le Lion d'Angers Show Jumping.

Fernhill Kankan and Jonelle breezed through the jog this morning and waited until this afternoon to jump as the 6 year olds jumped in the morning.

It was a decent track, as befits a Championship, and Kankan stepped up to jump a lovely round, adding just 4 faults to her score.  That is the first rail Kankan has ever had with Jonelle, a pretty impressive effort!

The rail actually moved her up a couple of places but they were a long way down to start with.  What the scoreboard doesn’t show is that Kankan has yet again jumped well on day three of a three day which augers well for her  future and the whole experience of Le Lion will be a brilliant learning curve for her and will stand her in good stead for her career which is in its infancy.

Jonelle will meet Kerryn and Grape at Le Mans , Grape and her travelling companion Wizzerd (belonging to USA’s Matt Flynn) will swap onto the Maxi and head on down to Pau and Kankan will head home in the Midi.

The 2022 season has just one more week to play out and fingers crossed Grape is on form for Jonelle.