Le Lion d'Angers dressage and Bicton

Le Lion d'Angers dressage and Bicton
NZL-Megan Taylor leads Hester back to the stables after the Dressage for the CC2*7YO. 2018 FRA-Mondial du Lion World Breeding Championships for Young Horses. Friday 19 October. Copyright Photo: Libby Law Photography

The autumn sunshine looks beautiful at Le Lion d’Angers and Hester looked a picture as she entered the arena for her test.  A late draw meant she had plenty of time to settle but although she tried her best her nerves got the better of her which led to a noticeable tightness behind and a score that I would say Jonelle is not that happy with!

The walk pirouettes are something that Hester has always found challenging and it’s fair to say they were not great today! Isobel Wessels always calls Jonelle the “Queen of pirouettes” but that title was not applicable from todays judges!  Its a shame because there is no malice in Hester, it is purely tension but at 7 years old she has plenty of time to mature and grow into a more mature attitude.

A score of 35 sees them down into 51st but just 10 points off the lead.  I have no doubt that Hester will start her climb up the leaderboard tomorrow as she is a bold and brave cross country horse and has always loved that phase.

Meanwhile no sooner had I written “Tim’s last one day” he decided that he would actually do another one.  Miranda Collett at Bicton was very helpful and it was a great decision to take Sue Benson’s Falco out for one last run.  Since Falco and Tim found themselves faceplanting in a ditch at Little Downham on their last outing, and Falco being the most careful of horses as well, a nice OI run was a great plan.  A 26 dressage, a super clear showjumping and a cross country round which Tim described as one of Falco’s “best ever” was exactly what was needed to end Falco’s 2018 season with a 2nd placing in a smart section full of advanced horses.

Mr Cin Cin also made one last appearance in a novice section and a very smart 26 dressage and a super clear cross country proved he was back on form. A couple of jumping faults can certainly be forgiven due to being a bit ring rusty ( he hasn’t been out since June) but it was also a nice way for him to end the 2018 season as well.