Le Lion d'Angers dressage

Le Lion d'Angers dressage

England was very very wet today but the sun is still shining in Le Lion, much to Jonelle’s enjoyment!  It’s much warmer there than normal by all accounts, we have usually encountered the first taste of winter in the misty early mornings at Le Lion but so far, so good for Jonelle and Fernhill Kankan.

They cantered down the centre line today looking very smart and when Jonelle asked for the trot transition at X Kankan thought she was barking as clearly, with tail coat on and a big fancy arena, this must be advanced.  Kankan cantered on further than was necessary but then produced some lovely flowing trot work.  The only really green bit were the simple changes in canter where Kankan rather rudely stuck her head in the air in both but to be fair to her she is a very forward thinking young lady and would prefer to keep trucking along rather than bother with transitions.  A mark of 28.8 was described as “spot on for where she is now” by Jonelle and she was happy with her and noted that she’s going to do a very smart test next year.  Kankan lies 23 out of 66 so inside the top third which is a great start.

Lion is a massive learning curve and tomorrow Kankan will see her first true crowds on cross country day. The start is on the racecourse and as they run up the hill they are greeted by thousands of spectators and the entire course is presented on a Championship level with incredible fence designs and superb decorations.

The 6 year olds start at 10am EST, the 7 year olds at 1pm.  Jonelle goes at 4.02 local time so 3.02pm BST and 03.02am in NZ.

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NZL-Jonelle Price rides Fernhill Kankan during the 2nd day of Dressage for the CCI3*-L 7YO. 2022 FRA-Mondial du Lion | FEI WBFSH Eventing World Breeding Championship for Young Horses. Le Lion d’Angers, France. Friday 21 October. Copyright Photo: Libby Law Photography