Kentucky Friday

Kentucky Friday

I am not sure today was much warmer but it certainly wasn’t any colder!  At least it was mostly dry with rain predicted for Saturday’s cross country.

Xavier Faer (Hugo) stepped up and posted a PB at 5 star level with a 28.2 and really did look magnificent in the arena.  He left his famous spook in the collecting ring and allowed Tim to really sit him up and carry himself which is not really Hugo’s natural position at all! He has improved so much over the last year and it was nice for Tim to break the 30 barrier with a smooth and flowing test that was both positive and accurate.

Jonelle had to wait most of the day to start Grovine de Reve and he too responded with a PB at the 5 star level with a lovely active test to score 29.9.  He squeaked into the 70%+ club but the important thing is that he did it! Jonelle and Reve have worked very hard on the flat to build a partnership and find some middle ground and Reve actually goes in and tries his hardest now instead of messing around avoiding the work by breaking in the mediums or spooking in the corners.  As Jonelle said, the ground jury were not exactly throwing the marks at him but it was a super test and she was very pleased with him.

Tomorrow will be a day with allot of pressure.  A tough track, three waters, a classy field and rain forecast.  I can think of no two other more suited people to revel in it and bring the best out of their horses.

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