HOYS Dressage

HOYS Dressage
Tim Price rides Ricker Ridge Escada during the Land Rover CCI4* Eventing Dressage. Interim-3rd. Land Rover Horse of the Year – Hawkes Bay 2019. Thursday 14 March. Copyright Photo: Libby Law Photography

Tim and Jonelle have certainly been catching some rays at Hawkes Bay as the LandRover Horse of the Year show basks in the late summer sunshine.  Hot was the theme of the day for Jonelle’s ride too as Ricker Ridge Divine Right lived up to her name and did it her way!

Jonelle is no stranger to hot mares but when you have a very limited time to ride your new CCI4*S partner in front of the home crowd it is a case of using every tiny bit of experience you have to do the best you can. The trot work was mostly without incident, the walk was pretty joggy and the canter work started off quite nicely but by the second change it was all going a bit west!  Jonelle’s philosophical comment afterwards was : “Well, we got from the start to the finish” which is quite true.  Rumour has it this sparky mare is a very talented jumper so despite being 11.9 points behind leader Muzzy Pottinger I would expect Jonelle to start climbing now!

Tim’s horse, in contrast, looked a very solid gentleman.  Ricker Ridge Escada was described by Tim as “very much the type of horse I would have ridden in the past” and they produced a lovely flowing test despite their short aquaintance to sit just 1.4 off the lead… that is a very dangerous position for Tim to sit in with the jumping phases still to come!

They both expressed their thanks to Sam Lissington ( nee Felton) for giving them the rides on her horses whilst Sam commented that it was more nerve wracking watching her horses with someone else riding them than it was for her to compete!  Showjumping starts at 8am NZ time on Friday and Cross Country 1pm NZ time on Saturday.

The chance to catch up with old and new friends has been a huge part of this trip and they both look like they are having fun.. livestream link to the dressage below.  Jonelle is on at 1 hour and Tim at 2.27.