Houghton Sunday SJ and XC.

Houghton Sunday SJ and XC.

The nice thing about 3Longs is that they are usually contested by young horses and both Jarillo (Milo) and Viscount Viktor bounced through the morning jog as expected.

NZL-Tim Price rides Spartaco.  Copyright Photo: Libby Law

Tim had decided not to run Vitali across country in the 4S as the ground was a little short of perfect in places and he is an outstanding cross country horse that didn’t need the run before Luhmuhlen 5*Long in June.  Spartaco (Sparty) has less experience so he took the opportunity for a slow educational tour around the course and picked up a technical 20 when he wasn’t on the right line for a combination following an enormous leap over a trakehner so opted to circle and train it properly.  Annoying for his record but hopefully the perfect preparation for Luhmuhlen.

Viktor has come along way from his rather unpromising start to the season in March when he was sporting a somewhat careless attitude in the showjumping.  Tim has taken him to trainers, fiddled with bits, jumped endless grids, headed off to British Showjumping in between events and Viktor tried his best today to be a proper event horse.  He just tapped out a vertical behind on a double that was quite short  to add 4 faults and complete his first three day with the all important MER.  If you cant make top 10 that is by far the next most important thing!

Milo was sitting inside the top 10 and his exemplary clear round left him in 6th spot in a huge field of top class horses.  He got to get a rosette and go to his first prize giving when he thought was great fun and Tim said he couldn’t be happier with either of them as they began their long trek home.

NZL-Tim Price rides Jarillo during the CCI3*-L Prizegiving. Final-6th. 2022 GBR-Houghton International Horse Trial. Norfolk, Great Britain. Sunday 29 May 2022. Copyright Photo: Libby Law