Houghton Friday Dressage & Pontispool.

Houghton Friday Dressage & Pontispool.

Separated by some 5 hours in an East to West divide Tim had just one 4*S dressage test at Houghton with Vitali whilst Jonelle had 2 novices and 1 pre novice at Pontispool.

Tim had a long old wait until the end of the massive 4S in order to go in and impress the judges and Vitali did not disappoint with a PB at the level with a 21.2. Quite a stunning test!  He even received a 10 from the judge at C for the mid test halt and the judges had them less than 1% apart which is always a great way to lead the dressage.

Not only leading but a good 4.2 marks ahead of Tom McEwen and Bob Chaplin which is rare at this level.  Vitali and Tim are clearly a proper partnership now and it will be fun to watch them strut their stuff on the surface in Luhmuhlen in a few weeks time.

Meanwhile another early start for Jonelle and her crew down in sunny Pontispool with Cooley Seeing Magic (Guthrie) and Fernhill Kankan in the novice.  They both made light work of the notoriously difficult showjumping track which is on an all weather but usually built to maximum height and technicality before skipping round the cross country.  It’s a different event to many of the others at Pontispool and a really good one to educate horses across all levels.  Run in an old fashioned way with fences built in hedge lines and making use of the meandering creek as the water fences it’s both quirky and fun and gives you a good idea of where you and your horse are at.   Guthrie added just 2 time to his 31 dressage for 5th spot and a bit of prize money whilst Kankan picked up 4 time to add to her 30 dressage and 7th spot.

Jonelle then had a bit of a hang around for Dromgurrihy Gold (Dara) so she did some admin which is not that easy sitting in a field in Dorset with limited wifi! Dara then excelled himself for a 27 dressage and he added just 2 seconds over time for 4th spot and a great end to the day.

Tayla Mason and Jade Roberts with Vitali after his test.. Copyright Photo: Libby Law