Horses fly to USA for Fairhill 5*

Horses fly to USA for Fairhill 5*

Photo credit: Kerryn Edmans with Hugo at Frankfurt airport just about to load.

5 star specialists Classic Moet (Molly) and Xavier Faer ( Hugo) are tonight bound for New York as they cross the pond for the second time this year to compete against the best of the rest in the USA.  They are both owned by Trisha Rickards and she bought Molly as an 8 year old and bred Hugo so she is fully versed in their characteristics and abilities.  There is no NZ funding for this trip, it’s a real testament to Trisha that she believes in these two horses and their riders to make it worthwhile.  Prior to Covid it would have been unthinkable to fly horses to the US twice in one ( Olympic) year but with no Badminton or Burghley on the cards then you have to follow the 5 stars and the prize money route with horses that should never have missed out on a consecutive Badminton and Burghley cancellation this year.  Hats off to Kentucky and Fairhill for making that commitment.

It’s not been without a few curveballs but huge thanks to Henry Bullen and the team at Pedens who re routed us from the original flight from Liege to a new flight out from Frankfurt which was pretty much an all nighter to pull off.

And what a record they have.  Hugo has been 3rd and just this Spring, 2nd at Kentucky, and 3rd at Badminton, Molly has won Badminton and been 3rd and 5th at Burghley.  Molly may be 18 now but she started her international career quite late and Hugo is 15 and a slow burner. They both have the benefit of top international riders on their back and a very long partnership with both.

Fairhill is also known as Maryland 5 Star which is probably the tag that will use, they are your go to website for all things Fairhill.

Supergroom Kerryn Edmans is en route with Hugo and Molly having travelled from Zara Tindall’s base at Aston Farm yesterday morning out to Frankfurt along with the rides of Ollie Townend ( Cooley Master Class), Zara Tindall ( Class Affair) and Harry Meade ( Superstition). Astier Nicolas meets up with them in Frankfurt. Kerryn is uber experienced at the long haul flying job having flown our boys back from Tokyo and they will land in New York’s JFK Airport at 20.05 local time.  48 hours quarantine later ( with some hand walking and sweet talking by the grooms who meet them there) they will be released and headed into Maryland for the couple of hours drive to the venue.

The riders and second groom Jade Roberts fly on Sunday morning and then they all regroup.  Jonelle and Tim have rented a house locally, the girls are on site in RV’s at Fairhill and the action is yet again available on the website that I cancel and renew on a monthly basis

NZ Chef d’Equippe Graeme Thom will be on hand and team vet Christiana Ober will be flying over to her native America to give the best support possible.  USA based NZ eventer Joe Meyer is also competing and has gone out of his way to take extra stable mats and other gear up to the event from his ( now) native Florida base so its yet again a real team effort.

We will keep you posted.