Haras du Pin 11th August

Haras du Pin 11th August

Photo: Tim at Tatts with Pats Jester… credit Tess Anderson.

I am going to start this post with NO THERE IS NO NEWS OF BABY PRICE just to refute the amount of e mails and messages I have had in the last couple of days!

Back to the serious business of Haras du Pin and before anyone is surprised Tim is in France whilst Jonelle looks at the calendar ticking by her due date and  be assured that Jonelle would have been 100 % behind this decision!

And the upside is… Tim leading the small but smart CCI 3 star on Ascona M ( Ava) on a score of 39.5.  Its a slim lead as French superhero Nick Touzaint is close behind but a lead it is.

And in the CCIO 3 ( which is basically a CIC 3 since NZ can’t field a team with two members) Tim lies in 10th on Kincooley Cruising ( Minnie) on 44 and Pats Jester ( PJ) also broke 50 for a 49 at his CIC 3 star debut.  That is great stuff!  Three sub 40 tests at CICO 3 star and CCI is pretty cool!