Haras de Jardy ERM SJ and Cross Country

Haras de Jardy ERM SJ and Cross Country
NZL-Jonelle Price rides Cooley Showtime during the CIC3* ERM Showjumping. Interim-32nd. 2018 FRA-Haras de Jardy Event Rider Masters. Sunday 15 July. Copyright Photo: Libby Law Photography

Well the King returned and made the podium….and that is a proper fairy story!  No, Alex Bragg kept his nerve to keep the lead but a podium finish and the runner up slot is pretty dam cool!

Show jumping this morning was on the sand that they love in France and it always looks a fairly dead surface once it has been watered and rolled. The track was big and the time was tight and Cooley Showtime ( Eddie) had a last minute spook at the filler under the rustic poles of fence 1 and had it down.  You could almost see him saying ” dammit, that wasn’t meant to happen” and he then jumped well apart from tapping out the middle of the spooky treble.

Wesko ( Dash) showed all of his experience to jump a stunning round and put the pressure on the three ahead of him.  His style is economical rather than extravagant but to be fair it really always was!  He simply has great technique coupled with a desire to be careful.

Eddie set out cross country looking very assured and then got a bit of a fright at the big drop into the water and Jonelle did well to sit tight as he paused, then launched and then kind of landed a bit splatt with all four feet together.  Quick thinking by Jonelle kept the score sheet clean as she changed her plan and Eddie clearly grew in confidence as he went around the rest of the track. He was super straight everywhere and is just paying catch up after his spring hanging out on his extended holiday.

Dash looked every bit back to his brilliant best and if he was surprised at being asked to gallop he didn’t show it.  His starts so far this season have been leisurely to say the least which makes sense but Tim wants Dash as his event horse not a pet so today it was gallop and go boy!

And gallop and go he did… he looked amazing and it really was quite special to  see the partnership that he and Tim have to pull off a result like this after not being at a big one since October 2015.  Tim said that he has never had a horse quite like Dash and he is simply delighted that he gets to ride him again and as for Dash… well, his cute little face was the picture of happiness as he galloped and jumped his way back onto the international scene.  Hell, they didn’t even have an ERM class the last time he was doing CIC 3 stars!

NZL-Tim Price rides Wesko during the CIC3* ERM Showjumping. Interim-3rd. 2018 FRA-Haras de Jardy Event Rider Masters. Sunday 15 July. Copyright Photo: Libby Law Photography