Hambleden 22nd April

Tim must be borderline sleep deprived by now as after the long, late slog back from Devon he had an 8.42 am dressage at Hambleden which is a shoot down the M4 near London! This event had also pulled out all the stops to water the dressage and showjumping arenas and had done as much as they could on the cross country as well. Hambleden is renowned for its stunning woodland bluebells and they certainly didn’t disappoint this year.

Falco put in a workmanlike 29 test and double clear while Mr Cin Cin found his first novice test a bit more complicated than his 100’s and picked up a 39. He backed that up with a smart double clear and his first British Eventing point which is always a good way to step up to the next level.

Lorenzo Monachesi was having his first start on Hester and he made that a great one with a 32 dressage and a double clear. Deputising for Jonelle is a fairly big ask so I am sure he was delighted to have continued Hester’s progress from Spain into the start of the eventing season.

I don’t quite know what to say about Cameron Christie’s Old Boy Ted (Obie). I think “could try harder” could be applied to Ted and “could not possibly try any harder” to Cam! Its only April and I am sure Obie will pull his socks up in the next few weeks.

So thats it… 7 cross country rides after Ringwood Sky Boy (Ozzie) left for America on Wednesday and Tim is safely also on his way to join him. Beth Mountjoy is holding Ozzie’s hand all the way and they have also both arrived safely at the Kentucky Horse Park. Let the drama begin for the next two weeks… 3 horses, 2 continents, 2 of the biggest 4 stars in the world and a huge team behind Tim willing it all to go to plan.

And Tim? “I just want some sleep…..!””

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