Gatcombe, Festival of Eventing, Dressage.

Gatcombe, Festival of Eventing, Dressage.

Gatcombe Park.. home to royalty and graced today by Xavier Faer ( Hugo) and Classic Moet ( Molly) for the first time that both of Trisha Rickards’s horses have gone head to head in the British Open (also a CI4*S).

A cruisey day by Team Price standards for sure as they both just had one dressage test to ride each with a hilly course walk in between.  Jonelle and Molly were 8th to go and after a smooth warm up Molly decided to get a bit buzzy as she headed over to the arena so it was situation normal but Jonelle rode a cracking test for a 27.6.  Just her third outing since the WEG at Tryon last September and she is loving being back!  In fact she has actually turned into, after all these years, a diva in her own right.  Our very own council house kid who has shrugged her shoulders at the antics of Faerie Dianimo (Maggie May aka Princess) for all these years decided today was the day to call the shots.  When a few raindrops fell she nearly bolted up the ramp into her six horse uber flash horse box and then she decided she would only stand quietly if she were held by a minion ( that would be me) , not tied up.  Then the raindrops ceased and we nearly ran over several people sitting on the ramp as she decided it was time to get back out there to be with her adoring public and made a serious exit plan.  She also, whilst hand grazing, tried to attack Pippa Funnel’s lovely novice championship horse Billy Wonder for no reason we could see other than he was quite pleased with his own run around the novice championship which clearly Molly deemed inferior to a Badminton win and then she also threatened Scooby who happened to cross her grazing path.

Really?  Molly has suddenly turned into this diva.. her new regime of living in has clearly turned her head as she expects a far above the bar staff service now.  I guess its akin to staying in Travel Lodges (that would be the field) compared to the Hilton.  Its just weird as up until now the Travel Lodge has been fine for her!

Meanwhile, in Faerie Groundhog Day territory we have Hugo who napped by the horsebox, went for a ride, came back for a nap and then got prepped for his test with Tim.  He and Molly camp out amicably by the truck as they have spent plenty of holiday time at Brockenhurst together and Molly likes her men big and beefy and Hugo is a Sons of Anarchy sort of pinup…… no Brad Pitt but a big tough guy with a fairly small brain.  That’s Jackson Teller then although Hugo doesn’t have the ink to match….

By the time Tim hopped on Hugo was wondering which phase this was ( he went showjumping at Rectory on Thursday which really confused him) but he soon worked out it was dressage.  He worked in well, Jonelle got told to stop chatting with us and get on down to help Tim and then all of a sudden it was main event time and Hugo found himself trotting around an arena with a very small child in his way.  Gatcombe have bucked the current trend it seems and gone back to Victorian Britain and used child labour for the collection of sheets.  Hugo was spooking at the flower pots and could very easily have run over small child but Tim skilfully avoided this although I do have to admire Gatcombe for this new innovation.  Child labour was both cheap and plentiful in the early 19th Century and it was a shame it was phased out with the Reformers….good to see a move towards its return!

Hugo executed a 26.2 which pipped Molly and was well and truly earned by Tim.  Hugo can only give as much as God gave him and Tim can squeak out of him so we are dead proud.

Tomorrow we head back for the jumping phases… its so much fun to just have two horse for two Prices!