Gatcombe 25th March

Gatcombe 25th March

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The team were due to run at Gatcombe on Saturday as well but just as Jonelle neared the venue ( for an 8 am dressage!) she saw muddy horseboxes coming towards her.  Never a good sign at the crack of dawn!  Gatcombe cancelled all of Saturday and everyone crossed their fingers for a run for the intermediate and OI horses.

Classic Moet had already decided that she didn’t much fancy flogging round in the mud as her trip to Spain had given her more than enough of jumping in the rain for this spring so she sprang a foot abscess and stayed in bed for the day. Jonelle was not over impressed that her original 6 horses for Gatcombe had now gone down to just Kindred Spirit ( Joey) whilst Tim was gutted that his “easy” day on Saturday with just one ride never got to happen!

Joey was very grown up in the dressage for a respectable 34 and was jumping the round of the day in the tacky showjumping arena until the ultra short distance in the treble was too tight for him and he picked up 8 faults.  He then skipped around the cross country with a smile on his face for 14 time and 11th spot and that was Jonelle’s day all done at 10am!

Meanwhile Tim and Falco were getting the job done efficiently.  Falco seems to have swapped his ballet shoes for some proper boots and he was suitably workman like and dealt with the difficult conditions manfully.  Ironically as the sun came out and the wind kept up a nagging presence the rapidly drying ground became more tacky as the day wore on.  There were very few clear rounds in the showjumping and although Falco did pick up 4 faults it was due to him over jumping the first element and we can always forgive that!  Even with a steady 18 faults cross country they were still 7th in a very competitive OI section that he had found himself transferred into.

Providores ( Bruno) is also a good working class boy and he posted a 29 dressage which was very smart in his section, picked up 9 faults in the showjumping and then thoroughly enjoyed his cross country with Tim for 20 time and a top 10 placing.

Last of the day was Ringwood Sky Boy who was simply delighted at being able to join the party for the first time this year.  He even stood bravely right by a flapping flag at the showkumping which is pretty damn impressive for those that know him well! ( And Tim was quick to point out that he also managed 2 halts in his dressage as well!).  He scored a nice 30, was a bit unlucky to have a rail in the ring although jumping late in the day meant he really did have the worst of the going.  He then quietly cross country schooled around the track for 32 time and a very nice start to the season.

Otis was pretty happy as always and smiled his lovely smile at anyone who stopped by the pram and considering Saturday was abandoned it could have been a whole lot more of a slog than it was.  It has been a very frustrating start to the season for many riders but luckily for team Price they have run at Aldon and half of Gatcombe so are better off than most!  And add the Sunshine Tour into the mix and they are doing just fine!