Finally at Fairhill!

Finally at Fairhill!

Photo credit: Kerryn Edmans, Hugo and Molly on their final leg of the trip.

Quarantine in New York was tough this time….no hand walking allowed.  Whilst Xavier Faer

(Hugo) happily daydreamed and slept the time away ( like a typical boy!) Classic Moet (Molly) was dead unimpressed and tried a few escape attempts when Kerryn was allowed into the stables to see her.  Molly doesn’t do anything except road runner fast and being cooped up for 48 hours is simply not her idea of fun.

Finally this morning ( Sunday) they escaped quarantine and onto trucks for the final leg to Fairhill, some 2.45 hours out of New York. A jubilant “We made it” message was swiftly followed by dude Hugo grazing and Molly staring into  space which is her ‘go to’ look for when she really is off her head ( see below, both courtesy of Kerryn). Lil’ Duracell bunny that Molly is…

They both know this is a big one.  Well, Molly does and she is so excited that she is once again heading to a 5 star.  Hugo thinks its an awfully long way round to Brockenhurst Park or Lea House or  wherever his ancestral estate is now and is hopefully looking forward to a holiday and will be a bit surprised to see Tim later and slowly it will dawn upon him that he is at another 5 star competition as the week progresses.  Thats the beauty of Hugo….everyday is a Groundhog Day whereby he gets to do something all over again.  For Hugo, life is very simple.  For Molly, its all about the Schumacher experience, go fast and go hard.

Tim and Jonelle were flying today and will land in New York lunchtime local time.  Zara Tindall, Harry Meade and Astier Nicolas have joined them and are the sole European representatives for the first ever 5 star in Maryland and we have high hopes for all of them.

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