Farley Friday

Farley Friday

In a ‘normal’ year Farley is usually the first event that the Badminton horses come back out at and this year was where a few of the Kentucky horses had an easy run for the start of their summer season. Farley had a shocker of a build up when the river burst its banks some 10 days ago which forced the team into a re route of the track and some incredibly long hours on site for the team.  As Tim said, they did a sterling job and they were very grateful to them for running.

Jonelle is still recovering from her Luhmuhlen faceplant so reluctantly handed over some of her rides to Tim and withdrew a few more.  She is back riding again but it was to everyones relief when Tim was seen schooling Grovine de Reve on Thursday afternoon at Mere Farm!

Just a bit of pressure for Tim to be riding Terry Miller and Jonelle’s Olympic ( one of 4 to be fair ) prospect at an OI as one of his last prep runs but as always Tim did the utmost professional job piloting Rev to a 28.9 dressage and a lovely double clear with some 19 time faults. Smiles all round and Tim was quick to credit Rev with “his confidence to a fence, he feels like a horse who is really revelling in his abilities”.  He said he enjoyed it but I am sure he was quite glad when it was over!

Xavier Faer (Hugo) came out “wanting to work” on the flat for a 29.8 and an easy double clear “skipping round the cross country” for 15 time and giving Tim a super ride. Terry’s up and coming Happy Boy completed the advanced rides and after a nice test he played the joker in the showjumping to tip both the planks and the water tray. Terry calls it “lack of Tim Time” which as Tim says is probably very true…when Tim has had some time away Happy turns from being a little cheeky into a bold as brass monkey type.  He was very good cross country and as Tim says, a couple more jumps and he will be back on song.

The young guns were also on the truck and with Chio 20 and Viscount Viktor now moving up to intermediate Tim has some serious horsepower for the future.  Unfortunately they both are fully aware of their power and take a bit of handling on the ground like bullish teenagers playing ball in the park. Chio knocked out a 24 on the flat before just catching the rail on the water tray but was really confident cross country and Tim has high hopes for him. Viktor saw his chance to shine and promptly did a 26 followed by a quick double clear for runner up slot and the best performance of the day.

I would like to say it wont go to his head but it most definitely will.  He must have been insufferable on the journey home and I am sure will continue to be all week!

Back for the babies on Sunday with Tim piloting two of Jonelle’s 100 horses and Tayla Mason getting the call up on the other.