Fairhill Jog

Fairhill Jog

Photo credit Christiana Ober

Jonelle described the weather at Fairhill as “a bit weird, grey and overcast but quite warm!” which is allot better than cold and wet which can easily happen in Maryland in October. The jog was an uneventful affair for Classic Moet (Molly) and Xavier Faer ( Hugo) which is always nice after so many miles travelled to get there.  There is a photo on http://www.eventing.nation.com which shows Hugo looking particularly gormless in a close up as if he has never been to a jog before and has no idea why Tim is running beside him and not his PA for the week, Jade Roberts.  But that is situation normal for dear Hugo whereas Molly knows exactly what this is about and, as team vet Christiana Ober commented, is “delighted to be at the party”. Molly positively purrs at a 5 star and does allot of staring into the middle distance looking more like a giraffe than a horse and was delighted to be able to do one of her favourite things after the jog….go for a gallop on the grass with Jonelle.

Eventing Nation have the most fantastic cover of Fairhill under “Maryland 5 star” as it is known in the US.  They cover everything you need to know and there is a really awesome digital programme/form book free to download.


Both Hugo and Molly do dressage on Friday afternoon so today will be a schooling day.  Horse and County TV will have live coverage of the 5 star and whilst it does require a subscription it’s easy to cancel after the event.