Faerie Dazzler wins Outstanding Mare Award 2018

Faerie Dazzler wins Outstanding Mare Award 2018
Faerie Dazzler on the Sunshine Tour in 2000

In a tribute to her breeding programme Trisha Rickards was delighted when Horse and Hound awarded her homebred Faerie Dazzler the 2018 outstanding mare award at a glittering ceremony in London this weekend.  It was well deserved… Trisha’s foundation mare, Mudlark ( Ben Faerie) produced two outstanding advanced mares, Daisy and her full sister Faerie Dancer.  Trish commented that since both of those mares went advanced she assumed that it was always going to be that simple but she had to wait until she tried to breed a dressage horse for another to go all the way!

Daisy was a beautiful mare and very talented.  She led the dressage at Pau one year out of a huge field of what were then 2 star horses and she and David Green had a great partnership. Athens Olympics was the ultimate aim but she picked up a career ending injury at just 12 years old, just as she was reaching her prime.  Luckily for Daisy motherhood beckoned back at Brockenhurst Park and she produced a very good looking dapple grey colt by Kuwait Beach.  Tim actually broke him in as he was a proper brat and even though Tim did a fabulous job he soon found himself at the Andrew Nicholson School of Correctional Facilities as I swapped him for a cute, small and polite chestnut TB which was far more fun for a girl to deal with!  Andrew Nicholson found it amusing to name him Jack Green and he went advanced as a 6 year old before being sold to Italy.  Faerie Dianimo ( Maggie May) was next and we are all familiar with her triumphs and then Tim finally got his own Brockenhurst Babe in the form of Xavier Faer ( Hugo) and he has proved hugely talented at 4 star as well.  The gigantic Faerie Fifty Shades ( Ralph) was next to spend time with Tim but of all of the offspring, he was the one with all the talent but a delinquent way of delivering it. He bizarrely found hunting more to his taste! Amanda Brieditis competed Faerie Magnifico ( George) in 4 year old classes in 2016 and Jonelle will take over the ride for this season.  George is more similar in type to Maggie May than the others, being smaller in type and with the same sharp attitude!

And, of course, Faerie Dianimo has her own embryo transfer yearling at Brockenhurst Park too… as Trisha says, breeding horses is a long old haul but when you get it right, as she has, it really is quite special.  And the nicest thing?  Daisy is still living in the Park at 28 years old and babysits her kids when they come home for the holidays.  That really is heart warming!

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