EHOTY 2018... Vote for Classic Moet!

EHOTY 2018... Vote for Classic Moet!

Ok folks it’s the last day of voting for the Equiratings Horse of the Year 2018 today ( Sunday) as the poll closes tonight. Right now its neck and neck between Classic Moet ( Molly) and All Star B ( Alby) in the poll and whilst there is no doubt that  Alby is a worthy contender we all know Molly really deserves this!

Why?  Its not just about winning Badminton and being the fastest girl in the world but its about a Cinderella story, a rags to riches tale, ( although to be fair to Molly she wouldn’t care if it was a glass slipper or something Andrew Nickalls knocked up at Mere Farm), it’s about the common girl who came good.


No disrespect intended but lets face it, Molly wasn’t exactly staring fame and fortune in the face a few years ago.  She dallied on the wrong side of town, learned some shocking habits, got herself pregnant by a cool looking French dude who hotfooted it back across the Channel as soon as it became clear she was up the duff and has two children she has never even seen. ( See photo below).

Fast forward to 2018  and she holidays at Brockenhurst Park Estate and is one of the best loved horses on the circuit.  Fair play Molly and you sure as hell can say “I did it my way!”.

Go on… vote for Molly… it’s a vote for a horse that proves dreams do come true if you work hard enough!