Dauntsey BE 100

Dauntsey BE 100

And yes, for sure the cover photo is Wesko ( Dash) at Haras du Jardy yesterday just cos its so cool to see him and TP enjoying themselves like that!  And…yes, Dash was absolutely top of the morning on Monday at his jog so its all systems go for…. what ever Tim decides.

Back to Dauntsey and some babies…  Jonelle had Faerie Magnifico ( George) in the 100 and he posted another assured 26, 4 faults and a clear for 5th spot.  Nice one.  Kalypso du Boisson Z posted an equally smart 27, a rail and 3.6 time for 10th.  It seems its easier to win a 4 star than these 100 sections.

Tim and Gino Gingerino did a fab test for a 25, added nothing but 2.8 time and ended up 3rd.  See my point?  I guess the rest are not 5 year olds!  Not that it matters, our crew are in it for the experience not ever the win at this level ( luckily).

Seych’elle (Shelly) appeard to be the teenager of the day with a 32, a lovely clear SJ and a misunderstanding at fence 4 for a 20.  Its all about the learning curve and I would say, on paper, possibly one of the best Dauntsey young horse days ever for the team!

Dauntsey is tough for the babies … and so is Aachen CCIO for the grown ups..  Tim flies out tomorrow, Cekatinka leaves early tomorrow morning and we have a proper team competition in Germany to run through.  Jonelle doesn’t have a ride but she flies out on Thursday night to support and it will hopefully be a great weekend for our WEG hopefuls and a good outing for the  team.