Cornbury Saturday.

Cornbury Saturday.

Jonelle was flying solo today with the last runs of the season for her two novice horses before they also head for the holiday paddock.  They have only just upgraded and Cornbury is a very decent novice track so a good test to finish on.

Full Monty de Lacense (FM) and Fernhill Kankan are still pretty green on the flat and with FM scoring a 34 and Kankan a 34.5 in their novice arenas they were not going to be troubling the leaders.  The novice tests in a 20 by 40 on grass, a good long hack from the lorry park, are quite tough for the genuine novices but they both tried whilst taking in the surroundings of their first genuine Country Mansion. ( Wellington has a red brick affair that looks as though it was built by the army in post war austerity times).  Cornbury House is a Grade 1 listed beautiful Cotswold spread sitting in the midst of some 5000 acres including some of the most ancient woodland in the UK and one had to feel a bit sorry for Cooley Seeing Magic ( Guthrie) who got swapped into the Equestrian centre of WWEC in order to get a run!

Both horses took to Cornbury Park like the proverbial duck.  Kankan is precociously like Classic Moet (Molly) in looks and clearly decided this was her sort of eventing which is at odds with our Molly…who really doesn’t care if she is in a Park or a white trash trailer camp as long as she can jump and gallop.  Kankan jumped a lovely round over the poles and then ate up the flowing cross country course with pricked ears and a maturity beyond her years.  It’s a rolling course with plenty of opportunity to ride forwards which is just what young horses need and Kankan picked up just 6 time to finish her first season on a great note.

FM is a super young horse but he wouldn’t have the confidence that Kankan possesses just yet! He is more cautious by nature but he is a genuinely brave guy who really is concentrating hard on learning the job.  He jumped a lovely clear in the showjumping and grew in stature the further he went cross country and also came home with a double clear adding just 9.6 time.

Of course all three of Jonelle’s novices are incredibly lucky to have her as a pilot to show them the way.  They have come on so much from their first tentative 100 not long before Tokyo and all three have finished the season with a good chunk of experience to bring back to the plate in 2022.

This end of the season is all about the big boys and girls and tomorrow sees the Lignieres, Fairhill and Pau horses out for a pipe opener around the OI at Cornbury. Happy Days!