Classic Moet Badminton win Press Coverage

Classic Moet Badminton win Press Coverage
Molly sunbathes in the Park at Brockenhurst

And it rolls on… there has been so much love and support for Jonelle and Classic Moet’s ( Molly) Badminton triumph it has touched us all.  It’s not a rags to riches story for Molly was produced by professionals form the word go but there is something about being the underdog that really appeals to people and Molly is the under dog in so many ways.  She is so un-diva like, so unassuming ( so common!) so happy to be at Bicton or Badminton as long as she can “go go Molly”….she stands like a proper munter at the truck with her head up, her under neck muscle on display, oblivious to the basics of public nuances!  But she is always kind and easy to deal with and loves her work as much as her holidays.

There have been a few inaccuracies… the Herald in NZ didn’t quite understand the whole embryo transfer thing and said that Molly had foaled this spring ( that would be quite the feat!) but its still good that they covered the story… Eventing Nation is pretty spot on with some great coverage ( that pretty much covers the whole USA market) and the Behind the Stall Door feature from the Chronicle of the Horse was really interesting, not least because it was mostly done at Belton where she was not the hot tip for Badminton at the time!

Or maybe she was…. Equiratings had her in 3rd place in their forecast… she has been 4th at a tough WEG, 3rd at Burghley, won her only advanced start on the way here…

Moet Champagne sent Jonelle a couple of their finest.. how kind was that!  Messages, e mails, facebook likes, Instagram hearts, voicemails and e mails have inundated Jonelle’s inbox and so deserved.  This little black mare has made the history books for all the right reasons and it just goes to show that the TB still is a force to be reckoned with in today’s sport when the going gets tough.  That and a great partnership of course.

Luckily no one seems to have picked up on the fact that she is, according to Ian Stark, 7/8TB and 1/8 Shire so we will keep that to ourselves!