Cirencester Advanced

Cirencester Advanced

Whilst Jonelle was still sleeping in America ( although probably not since she’s not a great sleeper and add jet lag into that and its not a good recipe for relaxation!) Tim was up and at it at Cirencester with three advanced rises and an early novice to get the day going.

Volani (Arnie)  is stepping into the team a little later than most novices.  He is 10 years old and has done a stack of 100’s and novices with Carlos Paro.  He is well bred, a super classy type and just a few light years behind Jonelle’s novices which are 6 and 7!  But its the usual story….. Carlos owned him so he had to keep taking the back seat, a little like Tim and Jonelle’s Spartaco and so now he is on the fast track to catch up.  A 35 and a double clear sets him up well for his next start which will be his first at intermediate.

Three smart advanced rides with Happy Boy (Happy), Spartaco ( Sparty) and Vitali. Vitali was trialling a double bridle for the first time in the test which drew a classic comment from owner Joe Giannimore who part owns him with his son, Alex.  It’s hard to tell if it was successful or not as Vitali is such a smart horse on the flat and a score of 27.8 was the best of the trio and he went back to the truck for a snooze before the showjumping.

Happy scored a 33 which is unlike him to be off the pace but it’s his first start at advanced in 2022 and he has certainly earnt the right to knock a few cobwebs off. All of Tim’s advanced horses were fresh and bold today which is exactly as they should be at this time of year.

Sparty, the laid back dudey ‘teachers pet’ decided today was the day to get a little sassy.  In the middle of the canter work he stopped and span around out of nowhere and was slightly miffed to find Tim still in place and discovered that being  a rebel without a cause is actually not all its cracked up to be.

The showjumping is always a tough one at Cirencester as the arena is on a slope and they build an up to height technical track.  We haven’t had any rain for weeks and whilst the warm up was on the firm side the arena rode well and Happy gave an exemplary display of jumping as always.  Vitali just had a single rail after which he knuckled down and concentrated which is usually his Achilles heel…he just loves to look around.  Today he showed his class and finished better than he started which is always a plus.

Sparty decided to bin the bad boy tactics in the arena after a sneaky attempt to drop Tim on the way over!  He spooked at some flags and tried the spin technique again which failed miserably and elicited a smile from Tim so  his one day trial at being a rebel ended quickly.  He jumped a lovely clear round and hacked back to the truck back in surfer mode.

All three of these horse were at the advanced at Cirencester as a pre run for their spring three day.  They all strolled around the cross country ticking boxes.  Happy went scenic for 15 time, Sparty added some fitness for 7.6 and Vitali went cruising for 19.2.

Another early start tomorrow for Tim with 4 rides but meanwhile, Jonelle goes cross country on McClaren tonight our time so we will catch up on that first. It’s a busy weekend!