Cholmondeley (Sunday)

Cholmondeley (Sunday)

Photo credit: William Carey Photography.

A 3 am start is really not ideal in order to ride 4 BE100 horses but that is what Tim and Jonelle had to do…I am not sure the guys loading the horses at the Farm even got to go to bed!  The one good thing was that they were all done by 1.30pm so at least an easy afternoon on the cards with Harriet, Otis and Abel in attendance and an overnight stay with good friend Carlos and Nicola Paro and their children.

Fiftyshades of Jarsay ( who hopefully will have a smart new name soon!) is known for obvious reasons as Frenchie at home and he is a cool little chap who clearly doesn’t mind getting out of bed early which is a tad unusual for a French boy.  He posted a 24.5 dressage and finished on it which left him in third and his first top three placing in his short career eventing.  His stablemate C’est le Belle clearly has the opposite problem as we discovered at Bicton and yet another early morning didn’t leave her in any better mood when it came to the cross country.  Having scored a very smart 24 on the flat she then rolled a pole which is not very normal for her and then she found herself in the cross country warm up with Tim and his ride. Tactical agreement between the Bosses meant that Jonelle set out first with Tim as a back up lead in case it was required.

Jonelle describes the (unflagged!) problem as being a “mini Capabilities Cutting” which certainly implies that it was quite a tricky section of the course to be negotiated.  Belle was happily jumping around until she approached said Cutting and promptly applied the Park brake as it looked suspiciously dodgy.  And that is how she got 80 time penalties as there was nothing Jonelle could do until Tim appeared and once Belle had watched him safely negotiate the piece of ground she went back into Drive and carried on with the rest of the course without a hint of a problem. No jumping penalties as there were no problems at the fences!

Tim and Efeba ( Kanga) also scored 24 on the flat and the consistency is coming along nicely with some great percentages in the last couple of weeks.  A couple of rails as Kanga still gets unfocused in the busy showjumping area but still improving and more confident every week and loving the cross country where its just her and Tim which is quite her favourite part.

Chio 20 should have been glad that he was trucking North at some unGodly hour as the alternative was the Novice at Dauntsey on the Friday!  He was allowed another 100 and unsurprisingly pulled off the Northern Raid with another win. His. 22.5 dressage and clear showjumping set him up for it but Tim lived a bit dangerously with a casual 1.6 time and got a bit lucky to keep the win!  The real mystery is that whilst TP is a master of time at 4 and 5 star he seems to struggle at 100… his time last weekend at Bicton cost Viktor the win and he was considerably upset about that! But the mystery really deepens when you look at the score board and see that you have to scroll down to 18th place in that class to find anyone slower than Tim! He is clearly enjoying his flashy babies far too much as in the past when he had to scrub something round ( as in back in the olden days) he quite often made time at the lower levels.

We might have to start making him wear a watch!