Camphire Sunday..Nations Cup Win!

Camphire Sunday..Nations Cup Win!

Well we didn’t go into Camphire seeking Nations Cup Glory…. rather we crept in the back door and mentioned that we had 3 riders and so could make up a team.

Tim and Bango ( Uno) still testing brakes after Badminton bolt.

Sir Mark Todd and Leonidas ( Leo) on the c0me back trail after a year out .

Jonelle and Grappa Nera ( Grape) first chance at this level.

But…. in typical NZ fashion and with the backing and support of Chef d’Equippe Graeme Thom the crew pulled it together and took out the win in the Nations Cup with Ireland in Silver and Italy in Bronze… and also prompted Sir Mark Todd’s immediate retirement from the sport which hit social media this afternoon.

For Uno and Grape it is a first baptism of fire into a NZ team and so well deserved.  They both jumped double clear and for Uno possibly the best individual finish of his career  to pull out a double clear and be runner up to Sam Watson and Imperial Sky.  That bodes so very well for Burghley!

For Grape it is a different picture, it’s her first CI4*S and she has yet to go CI4*L so is along way off Uno’s credentials but she was a deserved part of this team for sure.  A double jumping clear never goes amiss in a team situation!

Earlier in the day Jonelle had jumped an immaculate clear on Grovine de Reve to finish in 2nd spot in the CI4*L  and not only bag an Olympic qualification but also enough points to head to Badminton if she wishes.  It was a super round and we would also like to congratulate Kazuma Tomoto on his win… well deserved…. we just hope positions are reversed in Tokyo this time next year!

Spartaco ( Sparty) picked up a couple of rails to continue his education in the CCIO4*S as Tim was in ‘teach’ mode…  Senza Finé was a star for a clear and an elevation into the top 20 and a very good result.  Happy Boy jumped a great clear in time cross country in his CI3*S to complete his qualifications that were required and rose from 48th to 17th by finishing on his dressage score.

Tayla Mason just dropped a rail today for a great MER on her own Centennial ( Chase) for a great 11th place finish and a box ticked to move up to the next level.

With Uno  and Rev both finishing up 2nd  individually and a Nations Cup win in the bag the team have lots to be proud of.  They travel back overnight with yet another busy week ahead but when  you are on a roll you are on a roll… let’s keep rolling!