Camphire International Dressage

Camphire International Dressage

A big team left on Tuesday night for Camphire with 8 horses in two horseboxes plus Otis and his cousin Coco Price who was going on an adventure whilst her mother, Darnelle Price, hopefully has her baby!

Tim is clearly on a bit of a roll as he lies 2nd in the CCI 3 star with Ascona M ( Ava) on a 27.6  to Don Geniro and Alex Hua Hin.  He also lies 5th on Kincooley Cruising ( Minnie) on a 29.9 so they must have been very nice tests from the two girls.  They have very different personalities but its fair to say whilst they are both incredibly talented they can both have their moments when they feel like it!

Jonelle and Kindred Spirit ( Joey) are resigned to not being dressage leaders as despite his training Joey cannot hide his NZ TB origins and the dressage judges tend to see his weaknesses rather than his strengths.  A 37 has them a little off the pace in 18th but I have no doubt they will now start climbing!

In the CIC 3 star Tim will be very proud to be right up at the top in 2nd place with his beloved Ringwood Sky Boy ( Ozzie) and I am sure Varenna Allen will be cheering him on from home as well.  Ozzie’s score of 27.3 is good enough to have him less than a point off the lead and it looks like Ozzie’s slightly different build up to Burghley this year is proving to his liking.  Burghley debutante and good mate Bango ( Uno) also showed how happy he was to be back on the International stage with 4th place on 27.7.  Not much room to manoeuvre up at the top!

Cooley Showtime ( Eddie) is usually a pretty flashy fellow and it is unlike him to be down in 14th with a 33.  I can only assume his usual swagger was interrupted by a couple of mistakes as he and Jonelle do paint a lovely picture together.  He is a cheeky chap though and a stab at some freestyle is quite likely knowing his personality!

Dropping down a level to the CCI 2 star and we find Jonelle back on her usual form and currently in the lead with Hester.  When Hester holds it together she is very very good and she clearly tried her hardest to score a 26 which is a very smart way to tackle your first CCI 2 star.

And in the CIC 2 star Grappa Nera ( Grape) cooled down a little since her Barbury test and managed to knock nearly 10 marks off that test!  A 36 leaves her midfield at this stage but she is another feisty black lady who will start her ascent up the leaderboard from tomorrow.