Camphire International Cross Country and CIC SJ

Camphire International Cross Country and CIC SJ

Plenty of action across all the classes in Ireland while we in England had a sudden end to our 2 month heatwave with gales and rain.

Tim is absolutely flying and he maintained his form with Ascona M ( Ava) for a fast clear in the CCI 3 star to take the lead.  Fellow Kiwi Jesse Campbell is snapping at their heels in 3rd less than 2 points away and Kincooley Cruising,( Minnie) tackling her first CCI 3 star, was also a superstar to add just 1.4 time and maintain her 4th spot on 31.1, less than a rail away from Ava. Tim commented that he couldn’t be happier with both of them.

Jonelle and Kindred Spirit had a great run cross country but have the ignominy of an E beside their name.  Tim tactfully described it as “having a directional problem” which basically means Jonelle got lost cross country and took a wrong route for elimination.  Eeek, I don’t even want to imagine how mad Jonelle will be with herself!

The CCI 2 star cross country results are the subject of debate as Jonelle crossed the line just 1 second over to add 0.4 to her leading score of 26 to maintain the lead but was awarded a 20 cross country.  Chef d’Equippe Graeme Thom appealed this with video evidence and the word last night was that they had been successful and Jonelle was back at the head of the leaderboard.  Currently the on line results don’t reflect that but that is not so unusual!

The CIC 2 star was thankfully without controversy and Grappa Nera ( Grape) added a showjumping 4 faults to her score before popping quietly round the cross country to add 10 time and tick her CIC 2 star qualification box.  I assume that having witnessed the other dramas of the day she decided to keep her head down and do her job before she joined the current transfer list!

The CIC 3 star didn’t start jumping til 6.30 pm… they do love a good long day in Ireland! With a hint of what maybe to come tomorrow it was a properly tough class with just 5 clear rounds from 36 starters.  How proud are we to say that Ringwood Sky Boy ( Ozzie) is one of those and he maintains his second spot behind Padraig McCarthy who only has 1 second in hand over Tim for cross country….that’s not allot when you have an on form Tim Price that close behind you!

Bango shook off his rust for just 4 faults which was pretty impressive as it has been a while since he went back and competed on his home turf.  Tim would have been pretty happy with the way his Burghley build up is going as well.

Cooley Showtime picked up 8 faults which isn’t like him and I don’t have a reason at this point.. yesterday was so hectic for the team that it seemed unfair to bother them when the SJ finally drew to a close!  I will catch up with them today though and hopefully we will have some winning news from some or both of them…