Camphire CCIO4* S Dressage

Camphire CCIO4* S Dressage

Well I don’t want to seem smug or anything but whilst I post this picture of Tim and Otis taken yesterday we are currently basking in 36 degrees in mainland UK!  Clearly not in Co. Waterford!  So rarely does it happen this way around.. normally it is T and J in some foreign climate posting sunny pics but hey ho… for once its our turn!

Anyway, moving on from our sun swamped day here on the mainland (complete with endless health warnings on the radio about staying cool… seriously guys, its just one day of 35 with nearly zero humidity and not exactly day 54 of 78% humidity and 45 degrees at Alice Springs ) and we find ourselves with a whole range of Price horses in the CCIO4*S otherwise known as the Nations Cup.  Needs must and all that so the NZ team is made up of no No.1, Tim on Bango ( Uno) ( he had to go first as he has three rides and the team horse must run first), Jonelle on Grappa Nera ( Grape) (first attempt at this level) and the  hugely experienced Sir Mark Todd and Leonidas bringing up the rear. Which means as we don’t have 4 riders we have sacrificed out first slot as is the norm.

Congrats to Camphire as they  have some 85 entries in the CCIO which is impressive and some 7 nations.  Tim and Uno strolled on in early this morning and scored a very credible 29.4 for one of his better scores at 4*S and then was promptly trumped just a few hours later by young pretender Spartaco ( Sparty) with a  29.1.  Well go Sparty, way to annoy the old boy heading to Burghley! ( Tim or Uno?!!).  Senza Fine goes tomorrow, as does third team member Sir Mark Todd.

Meanwhile Jonelle was told she needed to score a 28 to put the team back in the lead which was great info but since she was on Grape was not only unlikely but nigh on impossible at her first attempt at this level.  They gave it a great crack scoring a 9 for their first entry and halt but it all went a bit West after that and the score of 35.4 was a fair call as to where  where Grape is now.  This time last year she couldn’t score an MER in the dressage at CI3* so she has come a very long way!

Rounding off the day was Happy Boy who Tim has in the CI3*S and his test of 36.7 is a bit below par for him as he can really flash the moves.  No doubt in true Happy form he will finish on this which will define him as one of the most annoying horses in the yard… at least to Susan Lamb who owns him alongside Therese Miller.  Happy is destined for a great future but he does love to seriously annoy his owners along the way!  It’s a dangerous game to play….