Burnham Market International 14th April

The joys of Norfolk on Good Friday…. there certainly was not any traffic when Jonelle drove out of Mere Farm! With some great planning and a bit of luck the advanced class was running all on Friday so no need for the overnight stabling that Burnham wanted a ridiculous £100 per horse even if it was only 1 night.

First off the truck was Xavier Faer (Hugo) who must have still been rubbing the sleep out of his eyes but he did another great test for a 28 which put him in the top three in a very competitive advanced section. Bango ( Uno) was good for a 30 and Ascona M (Ava) did a 32 which was no disgrace in her first advanced test with Tim.

All three jumped very good clear rounds showjumping and they headed out onto the cross country in great form. Hugo went first and as always, Burnham Market’s notoriously tricky last water was causing problems. Jonelle described it as simply bad designing with a near impossible turn after you jumped in over a house, a log in the water followed by a house out.

Hugo managed to negotiate it by Braille which is not really what you have planned for your last cross country run before Badminton. Luckily Hugo didnt seem too bothered by it but when Ava threw one of her spectacular leaps into the water there was no way the turn was going to be possible and Tim picked up a 20. By the time he left the start box on Uno he was pretty cross so decided to do a circle on landing and not care about the 20 he would be given as it was more about Uno’s last run before Badminton. It turned out the fences were numbered separately so a circle was permitted after all!

Little star of the day was Cooley Showtime (Eddie). After he and Tim had a parting of ways at South of England in the water I wasnt sure whether Eddie would use Burham to get his own back on Tim! They ran in the OI which was littered with some starry names and after a 25 dressage which they easily finished on they wound up in the runner up spot which was a great way to cement their relationship.

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