Burnham Market 30th March

Burnham Market 30th March

Photo:  Classic Moet’s (Molly) embryo transfer foal ( By Upsilon).  Jonelle’s beats Trisha Rickards’s one into the world.. not that they are competitive.. there is another filly due in the next week!  ( Molly produced two embryos).  This is the future…. born today.. as Jonelle said, Easter Baby!

Oh we have learn’t some lessons over the years… and trying to  compress Burnham Market into one day is one of them!  We have left at 3.30am and returned at 10.30pm.. we have sourced off site stabling and discovered that Norfolk is not really great for big trucks.. but this time I think we got it right!

We ( Well, Jonelle and Tim’s planning)  dropped any CIC horses and ran just advanced and OI which meant that Tim and Jonelle went up to Norfolk ( Up?  Sort of Up and over really) yesterday.  They flogged their way through bank holiday / Easter traffic and set up camp and then rocked up to Burnham today with just the one ride for Jonelle as Classic Moet (Molly) is still favoring her foot abscess.  And her new sort-of-step-mother-hood-with-no- responsibilities! Badminton looms ever closer but clearly Molly is in no hurry to join the current mud and rain scenario and is sticking to the indoor for now!

So Jonelle kicked off with Kindred Spirit ( Joey) and was very happy with his  32 dressage in the advanced and just a rail going into the treble  for 4 faults.  Joey then went a bit green on her cross country and picked up a couple of circles which saw faults on the board but Jonelle was pretty chilled with their  performance and said it sure built for the future.  Its  kind of hard to finish in August ( with Tim) last year and then head out advanced ( With Jonelle) with one prep run round Gatcombe.

Tim had great runs with Pats Jester ( PJ) in the OI for a  30 test and a double clear for a top 20 finish.  Tim and Jonelle are never going to target early spring events as anything other than runs before CCI’s so the fact that these horses don’t feature in the prize givings is for real.  Ringwood Sky Boy  ( Oz) is another in that bracket and Tim was delighted with his  26 dressage followed  by a slow double clear for 11th.    Ozzie has won the William Miflin Memorial Trophy twice in two tries…. he saves his speed for Badminton!

Spartaco (Spartacus) was the real victim of the spate of cancellations and he came straight from Vejer de la Frontera to his first intermediate.  He was amazing on the flat for a 24, jumped his socks off and then when he fell into trot in the middle of the first water he misjudged the arrowhead out.  Tim tried Repeat but Spartaco downed tools and said he didn’t understand… we have been here so many times before with such luminaries as Wesko and Cloud Dancer and Spartacus will learn how to deal with this just like they did!

Both Tim and Jonelle said they were glad to be going home tonight.. it has been a tough spring and a cold start for sure.  We have lost so many events in March and we are constantly updating the calendar to re route  and we are still grateful to those events that run.  Good luck to the rest of the kiwis in the CIC 3 star tomorrow and Happy Easter to all!

And isn’t that foal just so much cuter than an Easter bunny!