Burghley Sunday

Burghley Sunday

The sun was shining for the jog on Sunday morning and although it was a bit less than half of the field that had come forward on Wednesday the horses that did show up looked fresh and bright.  The footing on the track had been fantastic and it makes such a difference to the Sunday trot up.

Although the scoreboard looked incredibly dramatic the stables were a happy place as those that walked home were fine and dandy and ready for another challenge.  Horses were out hand grazing in the sunshine as trucks started to pull out and a quiet first session of showjumping with just 11 horses flew by.

Team Price were busy packing up the trucks and the stables and Ringwood Sky Boy (Ozzie), Xavier Faer (Hugo) and Faerie Dianimo (Maggie May) all went for a graze and a wander.  All of these guys have come to the end of their 2019 season and a holiday beckons just as soon as they get back to base!  It’s not exactly how we had planned it to end but they are all happy and in one piece and you can’t ask for more than  that.

Bango ( Uno) still had one more phase to go as the sole Price representative and as he was lying in 7th he had to wait until after three pm to do it.  At 2.15 Team NZ legend Sir Mark Todd was honoured by the Burghley committee with a presentation in the main arena and he rode in on NZB Campino (Kinky) to accept it to huge applause.  His speech didn’t quite go to plan as he got pretty emotional and it was fair to say so did most of the Kiwi camp! Kinky lapped it up too… he retired after Badminton and judging by the amount of weight he is carrying he is enjoying every minute!

Back at the business end and Luis Alvarez Cevera warmed Tim and Uno up with Jonelle’s assistance.  A slight rub at fence one was followed by a superb clear round and as Uno swept through the finish flags it was a rapturous crowd that saluted him.  That is Uno’s third clear round at Burghley and quite some feat, proving that beyond doubt he is an out and out Burghley horse. It is such a fabulous story for his owners and Lucy Sangster and Melissa Brown in particular as they have been there since he was four years old.  Mary Bathurst, Lucy Allison and Lucy Flemming might be more recent recruits but it is testament to their faith and to Tim’s incredible ability that such a result was achieved after the disappointment of Badminton which ended rather abruptly!

That clear elevated Tim and Uno up into 5th spot which is five places higher than last year.  So if the trend continues then 2020 should see the win!

Huge congratulations to Pippa Funnell who led from start to finish on a horse that has been tricky on his route to the top. Pip is a truly inspirational person and 14 years on from her last 5 star win she was no less effusive in her praise for her steed.  We salute you Pip.. if it can’t be a Price then there is no one more deserving to stand at the head of the field.