Burghley Jog

Burghley Jog
NZL-Tim Price presents Bango.  Copyright Photo: Libby Law Photography

The crew came upon Tuesday afternoon and then did some “night vision” riding as the big truck ended up on the wrong side of a major pile up on the M25 which meant a later than planned arrival!

A sunny but windy afternoon jog at Burghley which saw plenty of very bright horses in the warm up and also on the long walk up to the main arena which this year takes a lengthy path around some of the cross country fences in Discovery Valley…. not ideal for all!

Tim kicked off the proceedings with his three rides who all jogged in quick succession.  Bango (Uno) is No 1 which is fitting for his  owners being the Numero Uno syndicate.  Xavier Faer ( Hugo) finally realised he was at Burghley and perked up accordingly and Ringwood Sky Boy ( Ozzie) knows exactly where he is which means he was happy and relaxed.

Around an hour later Jonelle and Faerie Dianimo (Maggie May)  jogged in the latter half of the field and Maggie was simply delighted to see that there was a decent crowd… convinced as she is that they are all here for  her and her alone!

The whole field passed the trot up which is always a good thing. The ground, as always at Burghley, looks incredible.  The track looks big and testing which is also what we have come to expect here and it’s a great testament to the whole team at Mere Farm to have 4 horses here all looking fit and sound.  Let the fun begin!

NZL-Tim Price presents Xavier Faer during the First Horse Inspection.  Copyright Photo: Libby Law Photography.