Burghley Jog Wednesday.

Burghley Jog Wednesday.

The last day of meteorological summer and the jog at Burghley…Autumn must be on the horizon.  Allot of the beautiful park at Burghley is brown, testament to the fabulous summer that we have had but they have a built in irrigation system so no one was ever worried about the ground here.

It may have been a sunny afternoon but what the weatherman describes as ‘breezy’ was full on windy at Burghley!  Its a real hike up from the peace of the stables and truck park to the main arena at Burghley and as the horses get closer the crowds get bigger and for the first Burghley since 2019 there was a big turnout for the jog.  Tim was first up to jog his three who had all clearly been sparked up by the trip up from the stables and Bango (Uno) could have been forgiven for his slightly unruly behaviour when he rocked into the main arena as he hasn’t been to Burghley since 2019 when he was 5th.  He was 10th in 2018 but he thinks he won it as that was the year that Ringwood Sky Boy (Ozzie) won and Ozzie’s view of prize givings is like an anorexic’s view of a Dunkin Doughnuts party.  Uno galloped around the man arena with a rug and a sash and just thought life couldn’t get any better.

Anyway, today he barged his way in, slammed into Tim a few times, refused to stand up straight, went sideways down the jog strip, gawped at a pot plant on a stand at the end, trod on Tim’s foot on the turn (with his not inconsiderably sized hoof) and bolted back down the strip as suddenly Vitali and Polystar (Nero) are his best friends.

In the handover Vitali swung his backside into Tim catching him broadside as Uno dived the other way and a slightly crushed TP grabbed Vitali’s reins and flung Uno’s at Lucy Miles. Vitali then gave a great demo of ‘having never seen white man before’ as he reversed, went sideways (allot), crashed into Tim and perfected a shoulder shunt where he shoved his shoulder into Tim’s back as he jogged making Tim look like his horses had zero respect for him and generally acting like a total brat.  Vitali thinks he’s really cool but he is like one of those repeat offenders on the ground..no guts for the big crimes but a bit of argy bargy on the ground is right up his (municipal) street.

Tim looked slightly relived to be heading for Polystar (Nero) who was being anchored by Team Physio Alice Dorman and who is usually a vision of grace and beauty.  Some 17.hh of Nero suddenly decided he too was part of the gang and despite his 17 years of age he turned into a rude pig on the ground too!  Yet again Tim was dragged sideways down the strip before being barged round the corner and had to run for his life to keep up on the return.  Nero gave himself a proper bad rep before the trio of thugs departed back towards the stables leaving Tim looking like he had just been chucked in a tumble drier.

To be fair there were plenty of wild horses this afternoon but Kerryn Edmans had flagged Molly as hers some years back at the big ones and she certainly picked the winning card today.  Molly did a small spook forwards as she saw the crowd but then was much more polite as she played to her audience looking nothing like her 19 years. She also took the opportunity to flash her not-too-attractive-teeth at the ground jury  as she is wont to do at a trot up and an advert for ‘White and Bright’ she is not.  To her credit they are most certainly still all her own but they sure say “19” more than her body.  Molly is back at her happy place and she looks magnificent, full credit to the entire team for getting her there in such good shape.

So here we go…Finally back at Burghley.  Who ever could have predicted as we drove out in 2019 that we wouldn’t be back until 2022.  But there they are, Team Price, with 4 amazing horses and 4 chances of nailing that prize.

Results, timetable and a link to the purchase of Burghley TV below.