Burghley! 30th August

Burghley!  30th August
Jonelle Price

Ok so here we are again… but it’s hard not to get excited about Burghley as it’s an amazing competition, requires an amazing horse which is quite specific to Burghley and they don’t come along very often.  Tim is in the enviable position of having Ringwood Sky Boy ( Ozzie) who is a proven Burghley horse and Xavier Faer ( Hugo) who is on the “was always going to be a Burghley horse” list so is destined for greatness! No pressure Tim.. Ozzie and Hugo have both been top 3 at 4 star so its a big call this week!

You can follow everything on Burghley TV although that is NOT live…


The cross country will be live on the BBC red button for UK viewers..

And we will keep you up to date with info on the website as always.

Ride times: Hugo Thursday 11.40, Ozzie Friday, 3.02 pm.

Burghley website for up to date info: