Brightling CIC 1 and 2 star

Brightling CIC 1 and 2 star

Back to Brightling with whole range of horses for the day… advanced established stars Wesko ( Dash) for the CIC 2 star, Bango ( Uno) for a novice comeback run and genuine young horses out for their first starts at international level with Happy Boy and Gino Gingerino.

Uno cantered round his first start in a while double clear with a 27 dressage so that was all boxes ticked for him.  Gino did a nice test but then did what red heads can do in a heatwave and really didn’t feel very well so Tim withdrew him from the rest of the day and he lazed around seeking the shade and watched from the sidelines.

Happy was really excited to be in a big arena and showed off to the judges with some extra moves and a fair bit of exuberance which may have reflected in the mark but didn’t disappoint Tim at all.  He then properly stepped up to his first international and all the things that make him such an annoying brat at times came to the fore and he executed a cracking double clear. Tim’s comment was that he is a seriously cool horse for the future.

And Dash… well, of course Mr Goody two Shoes did what he always does and produced a stunning test for the lead backed up by a double clear in the 2 star.  I think Tim picked up a PB in terms of time as he nearly doubled his dressage score and I suspect he must have been close to being lapped by the following competitor but it was actually no surprise given the aim for the year which is currently the ERM at Jardy.

Its so cool to have Uno and Dash back again and they both look brilliant… the difference in the experience of these horses today could not have been more marked but its just as exciting to see a baby on the way up as it is to see the superstars coming back.