Brightling BE100

Brightling BE100

Still the fabulous weather continues and with the temps yet again pushing past 30 degrees Tim headed off to Brightling with three young horses for the BE100 classes.

Grafiba ( Graffy), Gino Gingerino ( Gino ) and Seych’elle ( Shelley)  are quite different in type but they all have similar characteristics in that they are all very talented and they are all fairly opinionated! They all came to squad training on Tuesday and jumped round Luis Alvarez’s showjumping course at WWEC with varying degrees of success…its not the jumps that bother them but the attitudes vary from plain rude to “let me see if can can just drop you in this corner here” which, as we well know, is pretty pointless when you have Tim Price on board!

Graffy is a big lad and he knows all about flexing his muscles.  He has a huge scopey jump though and also moves well and his good looks make him pretty eye catching. Tim was really pleased with him today and said he had hugely improved so that was a good step in the right direction.

Gino is the full TB brother of Mr Cin Cin and he has the attributes that could take him all the way.  He has a bit of grit and fight about him that is now starting to be channeled in the right way and Tim was also pleased with his double clear.

Shelly is a second generation to her relatives Faerie Dianimo and Xavier Faer but she bears a striking family resemblance and she really was genuinely fairly naughty on Tuesday  in between fences.  I did hear Tim say to her at one point ” You are going to get a proper smack in a minute if you don’t put up and shut up” and clearly, like the smart girl she is, she did both today and also executed a double clear.

So, to sum up, from a blog point of view a fairly boring day to report!  But its no surprise really, once Tim is on the case of a baby being a brat they generally take his pathway which is actually much more fun than waving to the crowds from a corner of the arena.  He shows them that eventing is fun and it looks like these three are getting the gist.

Tim was also pleasantly surprised by the ground.  We have had no rain here for weeks  and the fabulous summer weather that I so love does no favours for the ground but Brightling have pulled out everything they can to make it as good as they can.  Tomorrow sees Happy Boy contest his first CIC 1 star, Cin Cin the CIC 2 star, the legend that is Wesko contest his first international since 2015 with the CIC 2 star and the long awaited return of Bango who is suffering the slight humiliation of having to go HC in a novice as there was no open novice at Brightling and doing the one star seemed a bit like pot hunting on a 4 star pony!  Other competitors take note.. Wesko may well lead the dressage but Tim will sure not be running for time!