Breaking News re WEG possibilities 2018

Breaking News re WEG possibilities 2018

As the start of season for 2018 draws closer and the aim is, beyond of course Badminton and Burghley, the World Equestrian Games in Tryon and we have some exciting news for Team Price! We have yet to have a competition plan ( Or rather, I have yet to have a competition plan in my sweaty paw) but what we can disclose is that Joanne Pullan has very generously decided to offer the ride on Boekelo CCI 3 star 2017 winner to Tim. Jonelle has obviously been a huge part of this decision as Tinka was not only her ride pre Otis Price but she also won a CCI 2 star and put the mare on the map of High Performance selectors.

As Joanne says, Tim and Jonelle, whilst a close partnership, are very different riders and the fact that both of them have won FEI CCI’s on Tinka is as much a tribute to their skills as testament to Tinka’s amazing temperament. Tinka is a proper working girl with the upper class attributes.. she just closes the deal.

It is an amazing gesture on all parts. I told the world in Boekelo that Jonelle would never hand over Tinka and now I have egg on my face! Jonelle is adamant that High Performance NZ need to field the strongest field possible at WEG in Tryon and she wants Tim there by her side fighting for that Gold Medal. Tim has a bit of a gap in WEG horses right now as he would rather not aim Ringwood Sky Boy ( Ozzie) for WEG and Xavier Faer ( Hugo) is realistically his only other option upsides 3 star winner at Ballindenisk Pats Jester.

Strength is in depth. This is what Team Price are doing, to have 3 or 4 choices each for WEG. Owners like Joanne Pullan who currently have 2 more up and coming horses with Tim and Jonelle are part of the team that encourages a long term relationship. All of Tim and Jonelle’s owners are in it for the long haul and have horses that range from 4 star to pre novice.

2018 represents the start of the WEG aim.. to medal, to be at the forefront and to be a force that the other nations fear.  Bring it on!

NZL-Tim Price with Cekatinka during the First Horse Inspection. 2017 NED-Military Boekelo CCIO3* FEI Nation Cup Eventing. Wednesday 4 October. Copyright Photo: Libby Law Photography