Boekelo SJ... and a WIN FOR TIM!

Boekelo SJ... and a WIN FOR TIM!

When you are on a roll you are on a roll…..and Tim is on some roll!  Tom McEwen and his new ride  JL Dublin ( the reigning European Champion with Nicola Wilson)  jumped in 3rd spot and added nothing to his score ( which equalled Tim’s but was demoted a  place as Tim was 1 second closer to the optimum xc than Tom) which put the pressure on Tim and Happy Boy who had nothing in hand to stay in 2nd spot.  Ever the professional Happy obliged with a superb clear round to add to his tally and that put the pressure on Laura Collett who had some time but not a rail in hand on her 4L Millstreet winner Dacapo.

Sometimes it’s just your turn.  Laura dropped a late rail and Tim and Happy won Boekelo!  It’s a really cool box to tick winning Boekelo, it’s such a destination event and so many great horses have won it on their way up the ladder.  Its no secret that Happy is indeed special and that Tim is very proud of having produced him since he was 4 years old (Padraig McCarthy showed him to Tim on crutches, Happy having kindly buried him on arrival from Holland!) and original owner Susan Lamb took the plunge and bought him on Tim’s recommendation. Therese Miller joined forces with Susan in ownership a couple of years back and they have been having fun ever since!

And Happy is a winner.  He won Le Lion d’Angers as a 7 year old, Le Pin au Harras 3L as an 8 year old and was 2nd at Le Pin 4*S as a 9 year old.  It’s a really fabulous end to a glorious week for Tim and Jonelle as the team also took silver on the Nations Cup Podium with both Dan Jocelyn (Blackthorn Cruise) and Amanda ‘Muzzy’ Pottinger (Good Timing)  contributing to the team score with just 4 faults on Dan’s card and zero on Muzzy’s.

Jonelle is, as always, a huge part of that team but this time around she and Killbunny Andy were the drop score with a very unusual 16 jumping faults to add to her dressage and cross country score.  Jonelle was hopeful of moving up into the top 10 she said last night, the clear round being the plan but she dropped down to 32nd and would have been gutted in the process.  Andy was such a superstar yesterday and Jonelle was so thrilled to have the ‘old’ Andy back but something must have been amiss today as he is not a careless horse.  Jonelle said he was happy, healthy and sound so maybe today was just an off day!  A word to the wise Andy… future champions are not borne out of an off day on day 3!

Andy’s rails and Jonelle’s personal disappointment besides, it was a great week for the Kiwis. 2nd on the podium in the Nations Cup, a brilliant win for Tim and with Coup de Coeur Dudevin  (Joker)safely on site in Fairhill awaiting the next 5*L next week everything is to play for.

Lets stay on the roll!

The FEI Nations Cup Eventing – Netherlands Leg Podium: SILVER: NZL Team: Dan Jocelyn; Amanda Pottinger; Jonelle Price; Tim Price. The Prizegiving for the CCIO4*-L – FEI Nations Cup Eventing Final. 2022 NED-Military Boekelo-Enschede Horse Trial. Boekelo, Netherlands. Sunday 9 October. Copyright Photo: Libby Law Photography