Boekelo Dressage, Thursday.

Boekelo Dressage, Thursday.

A Nations Cup Team at Boekelo for Tim and Jonelle alongside former working student James Avery who now rides alongside them.  Tim has Jarillo (Milo) whilst Jonelle is double handed with Senor Crocodillo (Diego) on the team and her first long format with Clever Louis.

The jog photos looked impressive, thanks as always to Libby Law.  It’s a big field at Boekelo with a mixture of established horses looking to pick up an Olympic qualification and up and coming young horses tackling their first 4 star competition.  Add to that mix Boekelo’s unique atmosphere with a buzzing nightlife, sponsors parties, huge crowds and ‘end of term’ feeling, sausages sizzling on huge open BBQ’s, plenty of beer and its a really fun event to go to.

Jonelle rode as Team no.2 (as they are just the three of them so they could drop the no.1 spot) and she has upped the impulsion with Diego which made for a great test.  He was most definitely in front of her leg with the only real mistake being a scruffy walk canter transition as he rather leapt into it and threw his head in the air. Diego also has the advantage of being that shade of dappled grey that ticks the ‘so cool’ box and he rewarded Jonelle for all her work with a super mark for 27.6.

Team no.3 James Avery and Dallas 13 had lovely trot and canter work, a rather buzzy walk and changes that are a little on the wild side for a 35 but plenty more to come from this son of Dimaggio (Same as Faerie Dianimo) who is as brave as a lion cross country.

Tim ran as no.4 with Milo in the early afternoon and they looked a picture of elegance as they entered the arena.  It looks grey, overcast and with a fairly stiff breeze compared to the lovely sunshine of Blenheim and after super trot work the walk did show a little tension for a drop in scores.  The second pirouette had a ‘stuck’ step which the judges were quick to mark down but the high marks flowed back once the canter work began.  Just like Blenheim, the changes were flawless and the overall picture was of  harmony and a beautifully trained horse.

They scored 29 flat which puts them some three places below Jonelle and Diego in 9th and a great effort from Milo at just 9 years old and at his first 4L. The team sits in 5th out of 12 which is pretty impressive considering it’s such a team of young horses!

Clever Louis gets to go tomorrow at 13.12 CET and hopefully the extra day will give him a bit more time to settle in.

ClipMyHorse is running livestream, as is RTV OOST on the Boekelo website:

All live scoring on Rechenstelle:


NZL-Tim Price presents Jarillo during the 1st Horse Inspection. 2023 NED-Military Boekelo CCIO4* | FEI Nations Cup Eventing – Netherlands. Wednesday 4 October 2023. Copyright Photo: Libby Law Photography
Kez holds Louis’s metaphorical hand at the jog in Boekelo. Copyright Photo: Libby Law Photography