Blenheim Thursday

Blenheim Thursday

Tim is the sole representative at Blenheim and he has a relatively cruisey week by his standards with just Falco in the CI4*L and Senza Fine in the CI4*S.

Falco trotted up yesterday afternoon and looked simply stunning in the sunshine.  The jog is normally just outside the stables which is really handy but there had been mutterings on social media that it should be relocated in front of the Palace.  I am not entirely sure if it was a last minute thing or not but they basically dumped some sand up at the main arena and made a trot up strip that was pretty weird, the horses spooked at and was a good 15 minute walk for the grooms!  There were some lovely photos though with the quite splendid Blenheim Palace in the background.

An early draw for Senza Fine in the 8/9 year olds his morning and Tim cantered down the centre line at 11.07 in glorious sunshine.  Senza is just 8 and the whole CI4*S test is a steep learning curve but she stayed on side with Tim to produce some great work.  There were a couple of blips… her battery appeared to go dead at E at one point but was rapidly re booted and her amazing canter with its power and her new uphill outline looked phenomenal.  Senza is a proper motor and Tim does well to contain that V8 in the test and there is no better jumper than Senza in the field so he will be very much looking forward to the the jumping phases.  Its pretty cool that she has done the Le Lion d’Angers 6 and 7 year old classes with there prior Italian ride and is now rocking 9th with a 33 at Blenheim.

Falco goes at 9 am tomorrow so his crew will be up bright and early and as the summer continues into Blenheim week we are all happy!

NZL-Tim Price rides Senza Fine during the first day of Dressage for the CCI4*-S 8/9YO. Interim-9th. SsangYong Blenheim Palace Horse Trials. Thursday 19 September. Copyright Photo: Libby Law Photography