Blenheim CIC 3 star 14th September.

Blenheim CIC 3 star 14th September.
Supergroom: Lucy Miles: NZL-Tim Price rides Kincooley Cruising during the CIC3* 8&9YO Dressage. Interim-7th. 2017 GBR-SsangYong Blenheim Palace International Horse Trial. Thursday 14 September. Copyright Photo: Libby Law Photography

Some challenging weather at Blenheim which for the past few years has been sunny and warm and this year has plunged us straight into Autumn with wind, rain, a few spells of sunshine but not warm!

Tim had a pretty plain draw in the 8 / 9 year olds CIC 3 star which is pretty mean since Jonelle won it two years on the trot and the Price team have always supported it.  Cooley Showtime ( Eddie) was drawn pathfinder and in a class of 90 you would expect Kincooley Cruising (Minnie) to be fairly late in the draw as Tim’s second horse but due to Blenheim’s distinctly unique brand of organising Minnie was drawn rather inexplicably number 31.  Which meant that Tim had both tests today… and a very early start for the ever bright Eddie!

Eddie scored a very good score for 1st in… 48.6 which leaves him inside the top 10 at the end of day 1 and Minnie went a tad better for a 45.9.  They are both incredibly talented young horses.. they are both just 8 years old and Tim was really happy with both of their tests.. he said the weakness was in not “test established guaranteed changes” yet from either but that is fair enough in two horses who are in their first year of advanced!

Jonelle rocks up in the ERM with Classic Moet tomorrow and Tim goes late in the day with Ascona M.  The ERM class is picked on FEI rider points and then the dressage is run in reverse order of horse / rider dressage scores to date rankings so Tim finds himself 2nd last to go thanks to his recent scores on Ava.

The ERM class is televised through social media ( live facebook feed) as well as being available through ERM TV.  Click on the link below to see all options…and you wont miss a thing!  Jonelle and Molly go at 11.58 GMT time tomorrow and Tim at 4.44 with Ava.