Blair Castle CCI 3 star dressage

Blair Castle CCI 3 star dressage

It’s a long old hike up to Blair Atholl in Scotand but it is beautiful scenery when you get there.  Even if there sure is no heatwave in Scotland this weekend!  Actually its pretty cool and breezy down south this weekend too which is pretty boring for August.

4 horses, 1 boxer dog, 2 grooms, 1 nanny and Otis and some parents and a few hardy owners make up Team Price and the CCI 3 star is a small but select group of horses and riders.  Tim and Pats Jester ( PJ) strutted their stuff for a 28.5 which puts them in 3rd behind Izzy Taylor and Tom McEwen, less than 2 points off the lead. PJ is nothing if not reliable and he is on his A game after Gatcombe which he clearly enjoyed.

Cooley Showtime is a bag of tricks and Jonelle said that he warmed up beautifully.  He is a stunningly good looking horse and he is more than capable of doing a winning test. Jonelle said that he dropped back on her in the test slightly and although just one of the changes was croup high they were certainly tough on them to award a 34.  Eddie has a bit of catching up to do!

Blair is renowned for its tough terrain with the hills and apparently the drop into the water is pretty testing as well! Cross country day tomorrow is going to be interesting…

Also doing their thing tomorrow will be Cloud Dancer ( Marley) and Wesko ( Dash) who are both in the ERM final.  They will fight it out for the dressage lead I am sure! It will be between Mr Reliable and Mr “Hey, cop this!”….

ERM is on the usual link for the dressage tomorrow with the jumping phases on Sunday.