Yet another early start on Sunday morning as Jonelle had a whole 100 class to do before she started her 4 novice rides.  Faerie Deodoro (Milo Jnr) is making steady progress through his BE 100’s and he improved on Dauntsey with a clear cross country and thought hanging out by the truck with a hay net for the rest of the day was right up his street!

Domgurrihy Gold (Dara) is also 6 and he is stepping up to novice this season with a grim determination.  He is nothing if not a trier and his long legs don’t always prove the easiest to coordinate in a small dressage arena and particularly in the showjumping warm up.  Dara warmed up the best he has done yet and stepped into the ring full of confidence only to throw a couple of what Jonelle described as ‘funky shapes” to tip a couple of rails.  She described him as ‘fantastic” cross country and thats the bit they really have to take to themselves.

Cooley Seeing Magic (Guthrie) is another 6 year old who is finding novice much to his liking.  He has the benefit of a 4 year old season under his belt in Ireland so has the edge on Dara in that respect, not to mention he is not as tall! Guthrie put up a solid performance for 3rd spot and a few more points to add to his tally and gave Jonelle a great ride.

The seven year olds are brim full of “this is so much fun” and both Fernhill Kankan and Full Monty de Lasence (FM) scampered through their day with brilliant attitudes and a win and a runner up slot apiece.  Kankan picked up 2nd with a lovely double clear and FM pulled off the win in his section. They are about to step up to intermediate in the near future but they do so with a year of consolidation under their belt and look more than ready for it.

Tim, not to be outdone, rode The Highlander (Ivar) into a win as well in his 100 section.  A 29 test followed by a smooth double clear left him some three points clear and with another red rosette to add to his collection from the Nexgen qualifier at Barbury.  He is shaping up into an exciting prospect and he will continue to tap away this year picking up as much experience as he can along the way.  It does help that being dapple grey he is rather eye catching but he has the jump to match it and a lovely attitude to boot.

A busy week ahead with a trip to Hickstead to jump on the hallowed turf of the International arena on Tuesday then some test riding with Ferdi Eilberg on Wednesday and the plans for the World Championships start to come together.