Bicton 21st April.

Bicton 21st April.

Ahh the delights of the young horses.  All the planned starts for the babies have been thwarted by the weather so it was a real treat for Tim and Jonelle to go back to basics and deal with proper green horses! Well, I am not so sure it was a treat for them but it certainly made me laugh!

For anyone familiar with Forrest Gump they will understand Tim’s call of ” It was a box of chocolates” today.  Sun shining in Devon, a long day yesterday and first timers delighted to be out at a party.  Lets take Grafiba ( Graffy) as a starting point.  At some 17hh he is a real big dude and he was so excited to be at his first real big deal event with Tim.  He has a couple of 4 year old classes under his belt so thought that he was pretty much up there with the advanced boys and that some diva actions were acceptable.  Tim said he spent 6 minutes in the dressage arena basically just trying to stay in it hence his score of 48.3 which may or may not be a record at 100 for Mere Farm. Showjumping followed and Graffy decided that he should spend as much time with his adoring public as possible so he hung out in the corners ( all 4 of them) to give himself maximum exposure which resulted in just the one rail but 5 time. And then XC he was caught out by what Tim describes as “the drop of doom”with a 20 at fence 6 and another at the bank which looked suspiciously like another drop.  To be fair, Helen West posted on the entry page that she would take into account the fact that the horses were short of runs and then fence 6 was a downhill approach to a double of drops followed by 2 strides to an angled brush.  That is tough enough on a genuine 5 year old!  Tim’s comment summed it up… a genuine baby struggled for balance down the hill then either fell off the first drop or spun around and said ” No thanks buddy!”.

Gino Gingerino is a bit of a lad and has some fairly red head opinions about life.  He posted a nice score of 31 in the dressage, showjumped clear and then took one look at the drop at fence 6 and said no thank you.  Tim said ” Yes, I think so” , Gino obliged and the rest of the round was uneventtful.

Happy Boy is the real deal but he is also very opinionated.  He is also the product of a Dutch upbringing so was pretty snobby about his fellow companions results so followed this up with a rather grown up 29 dressage and a double clear for 7th place.

Meanwhile Jonelle was going back to basics with a fairly green Faerie Magnifico ( George) in the 100.  George had dealt manfully with Larkhill 100 a couple of weeks ago but drew the line at leaping off the precipice at the drop of doom at fence 6 for a 20.  He had also blotted his copybook in the showjumping with a rather undignified stop in the double which was absolutely not required as he has been out jumping at venues such as Cherwell.  This is no surprise to those of us familiar with the Brockenhurst Babes as they can spring a surprise at any time.  They are just careful.. and spooky! Faerie Dianimo ( Maggie May) was prone to the odd squealing of brakes in the showjumping as a young horse and look where that took her!

Kalypso Du Boisson Z was heading out to be the star of the day.  A 29 dressage far outstripped his mates and since he has been jumping in Spain with the grown ups the showjumping was going to be a breeze.  As a son of Karendasj ( Wesko the superstar’s Dad) he is born to jump.  What he did not factor in is that a trip on landing can be a bit of a problem!  Having jumped a few amazing fences he then stumbled on landing and tripped over which not only resulted in the big E but left Jonelle looking like she had been dragged round the sand arena backwards on the harrows.  My one big disappointment is that we have no photos or videos!

The baby days are so much fun! (For me).  The horses are heading home, Tim and Jonelle head further south for Beaney’s birthday and in breaking news I can confirm that Tim has officially crossed over to the dark side and asked me to enter him for a BE90!

That is not strictly true… he asked me to enter Graffy and Gino for the Aston XX fixture next week which Nigel Taylor has amazingly put on to help out with horses that are so late starting.  It just happens  that the 90 is the only class still open.

To my delight there is an Open 90 so Tim can be competitive and for the first time ever I could write in the commentary box ” Riders’ first attempt at a BE 90″.  Classic.