Barbury Saturday

Barbury Saturday

More sunshine and a long day at Barbury with an ESNZ rolling lunch at the Keyflow/ESNZ tent to keep everyone entertained which was really well received by riders, owners and supporters alike!  Compared to Friday it was a quiet day for Team Price but since Jonelle for one had three and a half hours between horses it still seemed a long one.

Cloud Dancer ( Marley) jumped an immaculate round in the CI3*S showjumping until he suddenly remembered he didn’t like Barbury and ploughed through the last two to make his point.  He then set out cross country and really enjoyed the first 5 fences before he came across the owl hole at fence 6 which is sited on the mound where he had a problem some 5 years ago. He has a memory like an elephant and he said no to the keyhole before popping through, made a great job of the skinny afterwards, galloped up the hill and jumped the silver birch over before coming back down to the Corner of Doom at fence 8 alongside the mound where he then said, “no thanks, as I said mate, I really don’t like Barbury” before strolling back to the truck looking pretty pleased with himself.

Naughty, yes, of course, really quite unforgivable given his experience but every horse has his quirks and you don’t nail classes like the Blenheim 8/9 year olds CIC4*S if you are all plain sailing. It’s not even laziness as he loved muddy tough hilly Blair Castle last year, he just has a couple of events that don’t appeal to him and on the one day spectrum that happens to be Withington and Barbury! As Jonelle commented she has no doubt that she could go to Upton next week and nail another win and there are many more red ribbon days awaiting him.  Just maybe not with Jonelle!

NZL-Jonelle Price rides Cooley Showtime Copyright Photo: Libby Law Photography

Many hours later Cooley Showtime ( Eddie) got to do his showjumping and despite being one of the best jumpers in the yard he added a couple of rails to his score.  To be fair to Eddie there was a pilot error when Jonelle nearly forgot to jump the planks which not only accounted for the 2 time but messed up the rhythm so bit of a 50/50 blame there. He then went cross country at around 5.45pm and looked so much fun and absolutely pinged over the Corner of Doom and answered every other question with his usual exuberant style. He is quite the cross country machine and he was just as happy as Marley when he walked back to the truck!



NZL-Tim Price rides Bango during the Cross Country for the CCI3*-S Section B. Final-6th. 2019 GBR-Barbury Castle International Horse Trial. Wiltshire, Great Britain. Saturday 6 July. Copyright Photo: Libby Law Photography

Tim just had Bango ( Uno) and he show jumped possibly the best round I have ever seen him jump at a one day.  There was a time when tents and crowds really distracted him but he looked like the consummate professional as he showed all his power and scope.  Fair play when he has been top 10 at Burghley but he is not the most straightforward of horses and he hides his worries deep on the inside!  The 3* cross country was a playground for him but it was noted that gone was the snaffle from Badminton to be replaced with Ozzie’s fulmer gag with two reins!  Despite his schooling round he added just 4.4 time to his dressage score which was good enough for 6th in one of two huge sections and another prize for TP to take home.

Tim finds himself on Otis duty tomorrow while Jonelle returns to Barbury to showjump Grovine de Rev in the 4*S although she won’t run XC as Rev is running in the ERM at Jardy next weekend.  We have ordered more sunshine for Sunday to wind up another classic Barbury and an easy day for Jonelle and Rev.