Barbury CIC 2 and CIC 3

Barbury CIC 2 and CIC 3

Hot hot hot at Barbury today and a busy day for team Price with an early start and a full agenda throughout the day.

Grappa Nera ( Grape ) showjumped early and Jonelle was annoyed with herself to have 2 rails as Grape jumped well but its a big deal for the 2 star young horses to go up the hill and jump alongside the hospitality and then run back down for the final fences.  Its all about experience and Grape was amazing cross country everywhere apart from the drop into water where she hesitated then launched which she landed ok this week so still an improvement on Arville!

Tim was also annoyed to have 2 rails on the competant showjumper Pats Jester but a spook into the combination left Tim with no option to ride strongly and the rails were a result of that.  PJ was a superstar cross country to put his past troubles behind him and firmly back on track for another crack at three star.

Hester was all business as always and was a star in her own right with a cracking double clear in her CIC 2.  She doesn’t look like a TB but she has some engine and she powered up and down the hills for a seriously impressive round and added a double clear to her CV.

Up in the Air ( Harry)was supposed to be having an “easy” round the two star but when Tim moved him up to the corner for one less he added and went on a half stride which resulted in them both eating dirt.  He had jumped a super clear showjumping so it was somewhat of a surprise to both of them.  Harry went home to lick his wounds and Tim had plenty of others to ride so got on with his day but it wasn’t the Barbury either Tim or his connections had planned.

Meanwhile in the ERM CIC 3 star Jonelle was dealing with Kindred Spirit ( Joey) who performed some class moves but then spoiled most of them by spooking at every pot plant in every corner. This dragged the marks down to leave Jonelle firmly in the bottom end of the scoreboard.  Joey is a great jumper and will move up but it was frustrating!

Back in the hot seat was Tim and Ascona M ( Ava) who looked pretty sensational warming up and carried much of that into her test. A super change on the centre line entry was not required, some sensational trot extensions were not rewarded but a few blips were par for the course so a mark of 29 and top 10 was fair enough.

At the end of a long day the two of them headed down to the cross country with Cooley Showtime and Falco.  Cooley Showtime ( Eddie) had showjumped beautifully, Falco had showjumped a spectacular clear round and it was still hot and sunny with all to play for.  Eddie cantered round clear with quite a few time which was the aim for his 2 star appearance and Falco set off looking like a million dollars, ballooned the brush at 5 or 6 and then ran out of room to jump the skinny arrowhead.  Falco is a smart boy and having seen this option in France last year and tryed it to no avail in Tatts then perfected it with 2 more right hand drive bys.

Sigh.  We have been here with so many top horses and as Tim always says, better to fix at 2 star than later on.  I have a feeling that Falco may find himself back at Barbury very early on Monday morning with an appointment with a skinny brush!